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When you were younger, the area of your body that naturally produced and emitted the most pheromones was --- your armpits.

The SpellboundRX DRI™ Pheromone Deodorant was developed with our high quality anti-perspirant formula that is guaranteed to keep you calm and dry all day. As you move, the warmth of your armpits activates and releases the SpellboundRX Pheromone molecules to attract and arouse women in the exact way nature did when you were younger. The SpellboundRX Fragrances amplify the pheromonal affect by stimulating the olfactory receptors making them more sensitive and receptive to the pheromone molecules.

Be confident, be arousing, be yourself. And don't ever let them see you sweat.


2.7 oz

- Available in TWO SpellboundRX Masculine Pheromone Complex Blends
- Available in THREE SpellboundRX Masculine Fragrances
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SpellboundRX Masculine Pheromone Deodorant for Men
71 ml / 2.4 oz

$ 19.95

The Lover  
Center of Attraction  
Ylang Ylang
Armani Leather
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SpellboundRX Masculine Pheromone Deodorant

SpellboundRX Pheromone Cologne for Men

$ 19.95
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71 ml 2.4 oz
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Available Pheromone Complex Blends -
The Lover
Center of Attraction
Available Masculine Fragrance Blends-
Armani Leather
Ylang Ylang
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Replenish your body's natural pheromone molecules and protect from perspiration and odor with proprietary complex formulations that can enhance sexual awareness, attraction and physiologic responses in females



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