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The woman’s body naturally produces its own powerful sexual attraction potion with a hormonal compound called Copulins.  This secretion is produced in the vagina during certain times of the menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that the presence of Copulins increases testosterone levels in men by more than 150%. 

We have turned the tables with this natural feminine magic and developed a proprietary Copulin Complex that also increases the sexual arousal of females.

Our psychoneuroendocrinology science team has synthesized the Copulin molecular structure and super-charged it with over a dozen hormones, steroids, peptides that include Inhibin, Oxytocin, Prolactin, Relaxin, Androstenedione, Dehydroepi-androsterone, Estradiol, Estrone, Estriol, and Progesterone. 

This unique Copulin Complex adds a powerful sexual attractant and physiologic stimulator to your attraction arsenal. It can be used with other pheromone products or by itself.


e15 ml – .5 oz
Oil / Spray $34.95

- Available in our Spray formulation or Oil in a Convenient Roll-on
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SpellboundRX Copulin Complex
15 ml / .5 oz

$ 34.95

Oil Roll-on
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SpellboundRX Copulin Complex Oil & Spray

SpellboundRX Pheromone Cologne for Men

$ 34.95
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Copulin Spray
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To increase the presence of synthesized natural pheromone molecules with proprietary complex formulations that can enhance sexual awareness, attraction and physiologic responses in females



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