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Walk into any room wearing a SpellboundRX Pheromone Cologne and you will see women’s heads turn and "things" perk up.

This precise combination of SpellboundRX Synthesized Human Pheromone Complexes and our unique Masculine Fragrances evoke stronger attraction and physiological impulses by simultaneously stimulating the females’ brain and body in ways that simple pheromone products cannot achieve.

Create your customized SpellboundRX Pheromone Cologne by selecting the right Pheromone Complex to achieve the affect you want.  Get the attention of women in social settings, gain the respect of people at work, or crank up the sexual tension with your choice of six powerful SpellboundRX Pheromone Complexes.

Then select one of the SIX Masculine Fragrances to complete your signature formula.


e100 ml - 3.3 oz $59.95
e60 ml – 2.0 oz $49.95

- Available in SIX SpellboundRX Masculine Pheromone Complex Blends
- Available in SIX SpellboundRX Masculine Fragrances
Rating (22 Reviews)
SpellboundRX Masculine Pheromone Cologne
100 ml / 3.3 oz

$ 59.95

The Nasty  
The Lover  
The Bad Ass
60 ml / 2 oz

$ 49.95

The Leader
Neroli Lust
Bond 50
Ylang Ylang
Center of Attraction
Armani Leather
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Copulin Complex Enhancer
Convenient 15 ml Travel Spray

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Product Details
SpellboundRX Masculine Pheromone Cologne

SpellboundRX Pheromone Cologne for Men

$ 54.95
$ 49.95
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100 ml 3.3 oz
60 ml 2 oz
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Available Pheromone Complex Blends -
The Nasty
The Lover
The Bad Ass
The Leader    
Bond 50
Center of Attraction
Available Masculine Fragrance Blends-
Neroli Lust
Ylang Ylang
Armani Leather
Prescribed Use:

To increase the presence of synthesized natural pheromone molecules with proprietary complex formulations that can enhance sexual awareness, attraction and physiologic responses in females


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How to Use
SpellboundRX Masculine Pheromone Colognes


GENTLY rotate the bottle back and forth to remix all of the ingredients before each use.

The strength of the scent of your pheromone cologne varies by which fragrance you select.  The actual note characteristics of each fragrance determine the smell, the scent strength and even how long the scent lasts.  A fragrance that is more citrus will be more subtle than one that is more musk.

Always start using a new fragrance lightly until you get use to the fragrance and the pheromone effect. Remember it only takes a very small amount to have a great smell and a great pheromone effect.  More is NOT better.  As with so many things, application is a matter of experimentation. 

Try each of these methods one at a time. If you find the pheromone scent fades too quickly for you, then next time you probably want to add one more of the techniques.  Just do NOT overdo it.

Spray the air in front of you – NOT AT YOU.  Then walk through the mist. This applies the cologne lightly and evenly on your face, hair, chest and clothing.  Want more?  Walk through another mist.

Spray a little bit on the inside of your wrists. Your pulse will actually continue to reactivate the fragrance with each beat of your heart.  Also when you move your hands the motion will extend the “throw” of the pheromone scent

Spray a little on your neck – both sides.  If you are in a situation where you might grab a quick hug, her nose will be right in the scent.

If you are going to be in a crowded place (club, party, etc) dab a little bit on the back of your neck. As you move through the crowd you will leave a trail.  You will have an instant conversation starter when you pass her by and she catches your pheromone scent

SpellboundRX Tips

  • Do use your pheromone cologne on clean skin and clothing. Bacteria degrade pheromone molecules.
  • Do use very lightly, increasing as you become more experienced with the product

  • Don’t use with any other scented product – you could create a chick repellent
  • Don’t over use. Overdose of pheromones can cause a severe headache.
  • Don’t use or spray near an open flame. The contents are flammable.
  • Don’t spray in eyes. If you do get some in your eyes, flush with water.
  • Don’t consume the product. It is for external use only.
  • Don’t use on genital areas as this may cause irritation

    As time goes by after application, you will not notice your own pheromone fragrance … but other people will. So don’t run to the bathroom for another spray if you don't smell it anymore. You may want to ask a trusted friend with you how you smell.


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