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becuase human attraction is complex . . .

The SpellbounrRX Approach

to human attraction uses unique methodologies that result in the most effective and powerful pheromone-based products on the market today. Our approach is based on seven years of ground breaking scientific clinical laboratory research and controlled field studies of 2,400 subjects by our sister company Gynex Laboratories.

Our Approach has produced proprietary and patented pheromone fragrance molecular complexes that evoke measurable sexual attraction and sexual arousal responses in men and women that are 20-40 times more effective than typical pheromone-based products on the market.


Human attraction IS complex

It involves all of our senses; however, the sense of smell is the most prominent and powerful tool humans use to attract friends, confidants, and sexual partners.

For more than 200 years, researchers have explored the entire human olfactory system and documented their scientific findings of how hundreds of intricate components of smell have dramatic effects on human emotions and sexual responses.  During the last 40 years, discovery and exploration of the vomeronasal organ (VNO) has shown its important role in detecting human pheromone molecules that also evoke a wide range of physiological responses.
But that is just the begining of the story


Because of the market potential human pheromones promised in powerful sexual attraction capabilities, researchers jumped on the study of human pheromones and the vomeronasal organ.  That isolated research, however, tended to ignore the rest of the human olfactory system and the larger role subliminal olfaction plays on human sexual attraction and sexual arousal..

The scientific research at Gynex Laboratories did not limit its focus on simple pheromones and the VNO but instead conducted all-inclusive studies and experimentation of the entire olfactory system, human hypothalamus and the comprehensive science of human attraction.  Psychoneuroendocrinology scientist Dr. Christian Altmann and Master Perfumer and social scientist Francesco Bellini collaborated in this unprecedented scientific research.

Their work included clinical research of all types of aromas that evoke physiologic responses in humans – both conscious and subconscious. . They also included in-depth research on how the delicate balance of specific pheromone molecules combined with specific conscious scents create very powerful social and sexual responses in men and women. 


The Gynex Laboratories research helped advance a new understanding that when human pheromones and specific aromatic fragrances are simultaneously detected by the vomeronasal organ and receptors in the olfactory bulb, the matrix of signals sent to the limbic region of the brain can produce responses far greater than that of pheromones alone. These include sexual awareness, sexual attraction, trust, comfort, respect and a desire for closeness.

Their research team discovered that in precise ratios and combinations, specific pheromone fragrance molecule complexes stimulate olfactory cortical neurone activity that produces physiologic responses 20-40 times more potent than pheromones alone.

These discoveries led to the development of a molecular mapping of hundreds of scent molecules that include human pheromones, hormones, steroids and aromatic esters.  This proprietary mapping was used to develop thousands of molecular combinations with varying ratios and volume. 

20-40 times more potent than pheromones alone

12 clinical trials with 2400 participants

The formulations were used and refined in 8 double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted in six U.S. cities with more than 2,400 participants between the ages of 21 and 52. The trials were highly controlled and utilized rigorous emperical protocol analysis.

The seven years of scientific laboratory research and far-reaching controlled clinical trials resulted in Pheromone Fragrance Molecule Complexes that leverage physical, physiological, emotional and pseudo-psychological responses through multi-sensory stimulation. This detailed categorization and refinement of formulation responses led to the development of the SpellboundRX Pheromone Fragrance Complexes that are the basis of our products.

The SpellboundRX Approach™ is unlike anything used by any other laboratory or manufacturer of pheromone-based products.  It was developed with profound scientific research, proven by large clinical trials, and perfected by our team of experts in psychoneuroendocrinology and behavioral science. The result was the development of a family of pheromone fragrance complex formulations that evoke powerful physiological, social and sexual responses in men and women.

This is the SpellboundRX Approach™ to human attraction.


The SpellbounrRX Approach
  • Unlike anything used by any laboratory or manufacturer of pheromone-based products

  • Far more effective than typical methods that use a mix of simple pheromone molecules

  • Comprehensive - simultaneously engaging the entire olfactory and limbic systems

  • Based on extensive pioneering sexual/social scientific research and development

  • Developed by our own psychoneuroendocrinology and behavioral scientists

  • Proven by the largest human attraction clinical trials in history

  • Covered by four provisional U.S. Patents

  • Supported by our full family of quality pheromone products for men and women
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