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SpellboundRX is the only company in the world that develops pheromone products based on its own clinical laboratory’s extensive and on-going research in the science of human attraction.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of GynexGroup, Inc., SpellboundRX and Gynex Laboratories consists of a scientific research and development team of fourteen experts in human olfaction and attraction science, a world-class clinical laboratory and a molecular synthesis and production facility. All of these disciplines are supported by our professional in-house manufacturing, packaging, marketing and customer service departments.

The company is led by a seasoned executive team with many decades of experience in business management, clinical biosocial behavior research, molecular chemistry and aromachology.

Through seven years of extensive scientific research of the human olfactory system, vomeronasal organ (VNO), the paleomammalian limbic system and the science of psychoneuroendocrinology, our scientists at Gynex Laboratories have made numerous new discoveries of how humans naturally attract each other through a very complex combination of senses.

With the findings of our continuing unprecedented research with phero- mones, dopamine neurotransmitters, and subconscious cognitive guid- ance, we have developed human pheromone fragrance complexes that evoke physiological responses far greater than anything else on the market. 

This multifaceted approach leverages cognitive and emotional guidance through multi-sensory stimulation by incorporating the conscious olfactory response mechanisms of specific fragrances with the subconscious detection of precise human pheromone molecule complexes.  Our pheromone technologies are so unique they are protected by several pending patents in the U.S and other countries.

The work of our scientists of Gynex Laboratories is further supported by the Olfactory Systems Laboratory at the Brain Institute of the University of Utah, the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology and the Brainwaves Research Laboratory at Colorado State University.

Most companies that sell pheromone products are simply internet marke- ters who push mixtures they buy at wholesale from industrial chemical companies. Or they consist of a couple of college chemistry students who learned how to make molecules with a chemistry set in their apartment. Most of those people have no scientific background of human physiology or any in-depth scientific understanding of what pheromones really do and how humans actually react to them.

SpellboundRX is the most respected and credible provider of high quality pheromone products that are based on state-of-the-art scientific research, comprehensive clinical trials and proven results.

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