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The Powerful Science of Human Attraction

The most persuasive factor of human attraction is right at the tip of your nose. The
complex human olfactory system ( your smell mechanism ) senses pheromone
and specific natural fragrances that trigger powerful physical,
emotional and physiological responses that include . . .

Comfort, Respect, Trust, Sexual Awareness and Sexual Attraction

During the past seven years, our world-class psychoneuroendocrinology research
team mastered the science of human attraction through multi-sensory stimulation.

    The most Effective Pheromone Approach  


Scientific research by many experts - including our own scientists - have shown that certain human pheromone molecules can evoke these physiological reactions in other humans. Our research has proven that the specific combinations and ratios of pheromone molecule complexes greatly enhance their effectiveness and the reactions they cause. The ratios are far more important than massive doses.

Our extensive research has also proven that when pheromone complexes are bound with specific fragrances, their effectiveness is increased exponentially.

Using our patent-pending processes, our scientists have developed proprietary formulations that bind our proprietary pheromone complexes with specific fragrance compounds created in our own laboratory. The results are astonishing.

  Our Company is Like No Other      
Our company is very different than any other in the market.  With the abundant scientific and financial resources of our parent company, Gynex Group, Inc., we are dedicated to the scientific research and development of products that employ proprietary techniques that stimulate the vomeronasal organ as well as the typical olfactory receptors.  Our processes of simultaneously engaging multiple olfactory senses are so unique they are covered by several pending U.S. patents.

Dr. Christian Altmann, our head psychoneuroendocrinology scientist, leads a team of researchers with unprecedented world-class expertise in pheromone synthesis, segmentation and molecular manipulation.  This technology closely supports the fragrance development by the company’s master perfumer Francesco Bellini.

Unlike typical internet marketers who resell generic pheromone products made by other industrial chemical companies, SpellboundRX is a company like no other.

  Gynex Group Inc. Executive Leadership  
      Our Gold Standard 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  
  Our Gold Standard 100% Satisfcation Guarantee  

The hallmark of a world-class company is how they stand behind their products. We are a different kind of company and prove it in our Gold Standard Guarantee.

Our pheromone science research facility is second to none in the world. All of our pheromone products are developed and manufactured in our own laboratories to very strict standards with the highest quality reagent grade materials.

We guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with your entire experience with our company and our products. If you aren't, we will GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK for UP TO ONE FULL YEAR! It's that simple.

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